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VOAD Hispanic Representatives

What's your passion?

Health & Human Services
Date or Days Volunteers Needed
Weekday meetings once a month
Time Volunteers Needed
2 hours a month
Event Location
Usually VITEMA office at Gifft Hill Rd
Name of Event or Activity
Disaster Preparedness Planning
Description of Job / Tasks
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) was founded over 40 years ago in response to the challenges many disaster organizations experienced following Hurricane Camille, a category 5 storm that hit the Gulf Coast in August, 1969. Up until that time, numerous governmental, private sector and nonprofit organizations served disaster survivors independently of one another. As a result, help came to the survivors haphazardly.

Unnecessary duplication of effort often occurred, while at the same time, other needs were not met. People who wanted to volunteer to help their neighbors affected by disaster were often frustrated by the variety of organizations competing in some areas of service or the total lack of opportunities to serve other apparent urgent needs. Further, there was only limited availability to training for potential volunteers. Access to information on services available to survivors during disasters was woefully inadequate.

Likewise, communication among voluntary disaster agencies and coordination of services was negligible. In fact, mechanisms for this were non-existent.

We are now in the beginning phases of putting these mechanisms in place to full gaps VITEMA identifies that could be filled buy non-profit service providers and community volunteers. Please join us...

We especially need representatives who can reach our Hispanic residents! Thanks
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