The St. John Film Society comprises a group of local filmmakers and film enthusiasts who have joined together for the purpose of exposing St. John audiences of all ages to film and filmmakers from throughout the Caribbean and beyond. Their focus is on independent films that feature Caribbean-related cultures and issues. St John Community Foundation acts as fiscal agent or fiduciary for the St John Film Society.

Donations to the St. John Film Society are encouraged and should be sent directly to the St. John Community Foundation. 




Andrea Leland: Director of Programming
Carol Beckowitz: Programming and all around support
Ken Lessin: Technical Assistant
Sigi Torinus: Website Administrator

Ashley Till: Librarian Elaine I. Sprauve Library and Museum


Andrea Leland

Leland is an artist and independent filmmaker. She has produced and directed a number of award winning documentaries focusing on Caribbean and Latin American cultures. Her filmmaking experience covers a span of over twenty years.

In 1998 Ms. Leland co-founded and co-directed REELTIME, a monthly screening series in Evanston Illinois ( Currently Ms. Leland spends most of her time in the Virgin Islands For additional information about Ms. Leland,

Sigi Torinus

Sigi Torinus is an artist who creates hybrid, new media works with an emphasis on video, performance and site-specific installation. Native to the Virgin Islands, her migratory journey has inspired her to explore ideas of origin and destination: mobility, navigation, cultural displacement and diasporic histories. She holds an MFA from the Braunschweig Art Institute, Germany, and San Francisco State University in California. Her works have been exhibited in the US, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia and Canada.

As consultant/designer Ms. Torinus accompanied–since its inception–the well known and highly successful "Berlin and Beyond Film Festival" in San Francisco; she now is involved with GermanGems, a new film festival in San Francisco showcasing inspiring and thought-provoking films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This experience is instrumental in her role as as creative consultant/committee member of the St. John Film Society. For additional information about Ms Torinus, see

Rea McQueen Roberts

Martha Hills


St. John School of the Arts, a non-profit community art school, has been dedicated to offering children and adults in the community the opportunity to receive the highest quality of instruction in arts education, encompassing dance, music and art. The School of the Arts hosts our Cruz Bay presentations.

Elaine I. Sprauve Library and Museum is a free non-sectarian public library whose aim is to provide useful and accessible information for all ages. The library maintains cultural and recreational resources and materials which encourage and support personal growth and quality of life. Selected titles from our monthly film screenings will be donated to the library and made available to the public.

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