Love City Pan Dragons
Mission Statement
The mission of the Love City Pan Dragons Youth Steel Orchestra is:

» To provide a healthy positive extracurricular cultural experience for St. John students from elementary through high school;

» To enhance the educational experience of Virgin Islands young people by promoting qualities and skills, through the learning and performance of steel band music, that will assist them in their everyday scholastic settings;

» To serve as a cultural force in the Virgin Islands community.
Agency Type:

What's your passion?

  • Community Enrichment
  • Youth Development

The Love City Pan Dragons Youth Steel Orchestra evolved from a teen drug and pregnancy prevention after-school program begun over fifteen years ago. In 1998 a beginner band for younger children, the Baby Dragons, was added for a short time and briefly revived in 2011. Baby Dragons moved up to the Pan Dragons as they gained expertise and as older players moved on to work, school commitments and graduation.

The Pan Dragons program at full membership can put 30 children behind instruments; at present active players number about half of that, with members aged 8-18. Many players stay with it for up to ten years and develop into competent, poised, musically skilled young people with a strong sense of pride in the band, their music, and the high regard in which the band is held throughout the Virgin Islands. We welcome new young members and adult volunteers to keep this program vibrant and an active force in the community for our young people and our Caribbean culture.

The orchestra includes six sections, giving the sound incredible richness and complexity. The 'voices' range from Tenor (the soprano, or single lead pan, with 25-28 notes on each pan), to Bass, with each player surrounded by six full size drums holding three notes each. The Pan Dragons repertoire includes music from 40's pop and light classics to the latest calypsoes. Visitors to St. John will find the band with instructor/arranger Marlon "Ikema" Dyer on Friday and Saturday afternoons behind our green doors at the Youth Center across the street from the Cruz Bay fire station, and are welcome to stop in and listen.


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