St. John Rescue
Mission Statement
St John Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives and building a better community through participation, education, and community spirit.
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  • Community Enrichment
  • Environment & Animal Welfare
  • Health & Human Services
  • Youth Development

St John Rescue is chartered to provide: emergency rescue and medical support services to EMS, VI Police, and VI Fire, National Park Service, United States Coast Guard, VITEMA, FEMA, and heath clinic personnel. Safety and medical support and services for community events and activities, along with equipment and supplies as shared resources within the St John community. 


St John Rescue welcomes all types of community support. Whether your interest lies in hands-on responding services, transport, or you just wish to help with fundraising and outreach activities, there is a place for you in the Organization.

Volunteers may become Responding Members or Supporting Members.

Active Responding Members participate in all operational aspects of emergency service delivery. Supporting members support the Organization in other ways, including vehicle and building maintenance, fund raising, and community outreach. Responding Members have no set commitment to a required number of hours per month of active, on-site duty. It is required in order to maintain a professional organization that can serve the community of St John with pride, that our responding members meet minimal training certifications and maintain continual education credits. This allows a volunteer to commit without the fear of being on twenty-four hour call. If you can give ten hours a month, then you can make difference in the community we call home.

Supporting Members may commit as much time as they wish. This additional support will provide our responding members extra time to train, respond, and prepare for request of services.  


St. John Rescue operates through the generosity of our members and of our community. 

Headquarters Building  - We are currently renting our Headquarters building located in Lower Pastory. This building not only houses the islands only Oxygen Generator, but serves as a training facility for both members and the St. John Community. Operating expenses are needed to maintain the facility. A Capital Fundraising goal was set and plan put in place this year for the $250,000 purchase of the building.

Vehicle and Boat Maintenance - We operate three transport and extrication Rescue Vehicles and a 26 foot Power Cat marine Rescue Boat. Maintenance and repair are costly and the age of the vehicles will require replacement within 3 -5 years. We pay all maintenance, fuel, insurance, and registration costs for all of our vehicles and vessels. St. John Rescue is the ONLY agency available on St. John for Marine Rescue calls by boat or for motor vehicle collisions when extrication is needed. Without our vehicles and vessel operating, these particular Search and Rescue areas will be unfulfilled.

Medical Response Support - We offer medical response support to VI EMS, VI Fire, VIPD, NPS, and the US Coast Guard. The number of response crews with these agencies are limited on St. John. Often there is only one ambulance and crew operating on the island. When the ambulance is on a medical call, a multi trauma, mass casualty incident, or transporting a patient to St. Thomas,  St. John Rescue is the medical support back up for the island.  

We are the ONLY agency on St. John for motor vehicle collision stabilization and patient extracation, marine rescue, and high angle rappelling rescue.

St. John Rescue responding members consistently maintain a high level of training as EMR's (First Responders), EMT's, and Paramedics. This training is continuous, necessary, and is costly. Our trainings are available to any St. John Community member that would like to attend. In addition, all medical supplies , extrication and rappelling equipment, and training equipment are purchased out of pocket by our members and St. John Rescue. Your donations go directly to these costs.  


Rappelling Training
Community First Aid
Marine Unit
Ferry Grounding
Rappelling Instruction
Extrication Training
Extrication Training
Patient Transport
Rescue Marine Unit
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