Island Health and Wellness Center
Mission Statement
The mission of the Island Health and Wellness Center is to provide quality, compassionate, and affordable healthcare to adults, children and families of all ages on St. John in need of primary, preventive and educational medical services.
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Health & Human Services


Island Health and wellness is currently fundraising to open it's doors by summer 2016



  • A nonprofit primary healthcare practice on St. John.

  • Medical care for people of all ages and genders.

  • Patients will be treated regardless of financial or health insurance status.

  • Projected opening date of Summer 2016

our vision

Our vision is to be a model primary care office, in which patients receive quality care individualized for their personal healthcare needs. Each patient will be treated respectfully and given the time and opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the treatment plans and goals they are trying to attain. Patients will be educated about routine screenings and preventive health services. This will allow patients to be involved in clinical decision about their health care and encourage them to take responsibility for health life choices through medical care, education and community programs.


Island Health and Wellness Center will be a nonprofit organization primarily funded by private grants, foundations and individuals. It will be governed by a Board of Directors using the needs of the community of St. John as a guide.


Island Health and Wellness Center will be based on the concept that every person has the right to quality, affordable and accessible health care. Patients will be treated compassionately and on a personal and individualized level. The benefits of this concept will include longer visits with healthcare providers, variable available hours for appointments, and access to educational and supportive medical resources. This should lead to trusting relationships between patients and providers, patient advocacy and involvement regarding decisions in their care, less patient confusion, higher medical adherence rates, more confidence in the medical care practiced and a healthier community.

Island Health and Wellness will utilize a team of trained medical and administrative staff, up to date and appropriate equipment and a referral system to other medical offices and facilities in the area in order to maximize care for each patient.


Island Health will provide a wide range of non-emergent primary medical care, health education and specialty and cooperative programs to help people live healthier lives.

Clinical Outpatient Services 

Services will include preventive medicine, physical examinations and immunizations, diagnosis, treatment of acute illness, of chronic disease, pediatric care, womens health, birth control and family planning, and STD testing and treatment.

Medical Education and Counseling Services 

This will include health education and counseling, nutrition and exercise education, disease prevention classes and resources and mental health therapy. Education and counseling will be provided in both individual and group settings.

Specialty Health Care and Community Resources 

Resources will include partnerships with other local community organizations, rotating specialty providers including dermatologists, eye doctors, etc that are not available on St. John, and collaboration with US based organizations such as telemedical providers and medical training programs.

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