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Mission Statement
IGLA Mission

IGLA’s mission is to protect USVI’s natural environment and promote sustainable, low impact island living and building, establishing the territory as an eco-destination. We will accomplish this through a multi-tiered approached designed to improve conditions, set new protocols and promote education and awareness. As St. John is the smallest and least developed of USVI’s three islands and IGLA is based here, it is our aim to make it our primary focus initially. Trash disposal has long been a major issue that threatens St. John’s fragile eco systems and one we are facing head on. Ultimately meaningful change will be made throughout the USVI, success that can be mirrored in other locales throughout the world.

Intrinsic to this mission is inspiring a culture of change within the islands, empowering and engaging residents and our visitors through education, reinforcement and recognition. Responsible low impact island living should become second nature. IGLA will implement the following initiatives:

* Encourage Reuse and Recycling along with clean composting.

* Reduce consumption which will contribute to waste reduction.

* Promote concept of Rethink before one purchases an item. Do I want it? Or do I need it?

Practice: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

IGLA sees the following as vital to the effort:

* Partnership and coordination between various government agencies/departments along with environmental/civic organizations and the private sector. The idea is to pool resources and work together.

* Accelerate the adoption of aggressive solid waste reduction, reuse, composting, recycling.

* Establish a Vocational Job Training Center that emphasizes Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) and related job creation activities.

* Education including school curriculum to teach benefits of recycling, composting and environmentally responsible practices as well as the devastating environmental impact without such practices.

* Build excitement and engagement of all residents including youth — instilling ownership and pride in the initiatives and progress.

If we all work together as ONE, we can accomplish and preserve our islands from environmental and economic devastation.
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Environment & Animal Welfare

IGLA is an organization dedicated to the preservation, conservation and awareness of environmentally responsible living practices on the United States Virgin Islands. We are trying to establish recycling and composting, a sustainable curriculum within the department of education, engage the community with events, and more. There are so many ways to get involved! Join, volunteer, donate, increase your business footprint, etc. E-mail for more information.

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