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CORE - Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education
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The mission of The Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education (CORE) Foundation is to advance the profession of marine stewardship to ensure the longevity, preservation and benefits of our Caribbean Sea. At The CORE Foundation we are committed to uniting non-government stewards, managers and the scientific communities to explore and address marine issues for the betterment of all who call the Caribbean their home, or who visit there.
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Environment & Animal Welfare

Our vision is that the values and benefits of the marine ecosystems that make up the Caribbean are understood, treasured and preserved by all people and that The CORE Foundation has the resources to ensure the continuation of such benefits.



We achieve our mission and vision through the pursuit of special projects and activities designed to meet the following goals:

• Ensure the longevity of our marine ecosystems by implementing the Caribbean Lionfish Response Program through long term partnerships with the appropriate territories and countries.

• Implement an extensive outreach education and public awareness program that will heighten the understanding of marine ecosystems with local communities and visitors.

• Improve the practice of marine stewardship by fostering the development, delivery and application of new cutting-edge research programs, specifically designed to preserve underwater environments for future generations.

• Partner with The Caribbean Alliance to form a cohesive marine management and research network for the Caribbean.

• Engage the next generation of marine stewards through education, experiential and professional development opportunities.

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