St John Accommodations Council Inc.

What's your passion?

Community Enrichment

The St. John Accommodations Council was established in 1989 by local hotel, guest house and property managers for the purpose of enhancing and protecting St. John's cultural and physical resources. Meeting once a month, they discuss problems ranging from water shortages and noise pollution to support of the Babe Ruth League and Steel Unlimited. The St. John Accommodations Council feels that by making the island better for the people who live here, it will also be improved for tourists. 

Participating members of the SJAC collect a $1 contribution per night from the guests who stay with them. This money (T.A.P.) supports organizations and activities that care for the island and help instill a sense of purpose in our youth.



Tourist Awareness Program


What is the TAP?


This contribution is to be used to enhance St. John's position in the physical and financial world, and since Tourism is our number one business, to improve the quality of our lives on St. John.


How to collect the TAP.


It is not necessary to explain each and every dollar a hotel collects either for itself, for the government, or in this case, for the TAP. What is necessary is to be able to explain why it is important, and to be able to remove the charge if a person should object to it. Service charges and energy charges are often added to bills without the customers understanding or say. The TAP is very well understood by most customers, and freely given by the vast majority.


What will the TAP be used for?


The St. John Accommodations Council is working towards using the TAP to fund its Island-wide full cover destination piece, to get matching funds from the government for use in specific Island improvement projects, to fund scholarships for the use by local youths, and to generally improve St. John as a unique destination worth keeping and fighting for.


How can your hotel help?


Just add a dollar to each room night rented, being sure to post a notice about the TAP and its importance. Learn about the timely events the council is working on by coming to our monthly meetings. Be part of what we accomplish. Send a check each month to the St. John Accommodations Council, Inc. and help this Island become even better.




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